Advisory Board

Edna Udobong.

Edna Udobong is an Associate Professor of Government at the Liberty University, USA and a Fulbright Scholar.

She successfully initiated the University’s partnership with the Fulbright program and became the advisor for the Faculty and Student International Scholarship and Fellowship Programs for the Fulbright Scholar Program, as well as the Gilman Scholarship Program in the University.

Prior to her move to the United States, Edna served as an associate of Rhodes and Rhodes, Lagos and she represented the Nigerian Government on the Legal Committee of the United Nations at the 43rd session of the UN General Assembly.

She was a legal Advisor to the United Nations Children’s Fund, a research consultant to the United Nations Center for Transnational Corporations, the Georgia State University College of Law and the American Society of International Law.

A Graduate of the University of Lagos and an alumni of Harvard Law School, Edna is also the co-founder of the Partners for Freedom and Democracy Inc., a not-for-profit and non-partisan organization focused on promoting the rule of law and democracy in Africa.

She continues to partner with several organizations and parties in the United States to provide aid to women and children in Africa.