Access Emerging Markets is an International Business Development and Consulting company that provides companies an opportunity to gain entrance into the emerging markets of Sub-Saharan Africa to execute IDA funded projects.

We also partner with Sub - Saharan Africa Companies, Individuals, Governments and philanthropic Organizations to access funding from funding Agencies to execute development and humanitarian projects in the region.

Access Emerging Markets covers all sectors, bringing only the best opportunities to our clients.

We are your partner in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Why Sub - Saharan Africa?

Sub - Saharan Africa has an approximate population of 1.1 billion people, 46 countries, and one of the largest recipients of IDA funding in the world

This has resulted in several project opportunities in Sub - Saharan Africa.

Key sectors of interest are Health, Construction, Engineering, Water Management and Water Resources amongst others.

Doing business in the region and pursuing IDA funded projects is about understanding the process, understanding the market and having the expertise to deliver.

Access Emerging Markets is the company to talk to when you want to secure project opportunities/funding in/for the region.