Sectors, Projects& Funding

Sectors of Interest

  • Construction of roads, highways and bridges.

  • Construction of healthcare facilities(Hospitals, Vaccine Laboratories, Health Research Centers)

  • Energy sector; renewable energy(Solar/Photovoltaic)

Projects of Interest

  • Projects with International Development Agencies such as the World Bank, AfDB.

  • Government projects that meet a specific need and require expertise in construction, engineering, renewable energy.

  • Government projects that require funding from Multilateral Agencies.

Project Funding

There are two categories of project funding;

  • Access Emerging Markets can help you secure a project in your markets of interest. To fund these projects, our partners will source funding from the Credit Facility Bureau of their home country, while we put our expertise to work by securing a Sovereign Guarantee for these loans from the host country.

  • Access Emerging Markets can also source external funds for our partners by matching/pairing them with International Companies in Canada, United Kingdom, and

United States of America under a joint venture. This will open up opportunities for funding through Multilateral Agencies such as Export Development Canada (EDC), International Finance Corporation (IFC), UK Export Finance, and U.S. International Development Finance Corporation and US EXIM Bank. For this category, the value of projects should not be less than USD$50million.