We help organizations successfully enter the Sub - Saharan Africa market. These service are tailored to individual company needs.

Joint Venture/Business Matching and Partner Development

With a vast network within the business community in Africa and North America(United States and Canada) we can find you a suitable partner to help you pursue International Development Agency projects.

Our partners come with a lot of experience and expertise in their field, understanding of the local business terrain and some funding. Our business matching process includes due diligence with relevant agencies and is supported by deep analysis and suggestions.

This service covers opportunities in all of Africa for all sectors.

Project Bidding and Management

We have the in-house expertise and resources to develop bid documents for pursuit of International Development Agency(IDA) projects. Our team has carefully studied IDA bid processes and expectations and also have the resources to follow up, through research and valuable partnerships, to help you and your team bid for those projects. Understanding the bid process and application is critical to the consideration of your bid as this is a vital consideration of the IDAs.

Our team will liaise with your organization for information on technical issues and in some instances, pricing of products/services

Market Research/Assessment/Development

Market research is critical to the success of any corporation, especially in international markets.

Our research includes:

    • Project opportunities available to your corporation in Africa(this is limited to IDAs)

    • Skills and expertise expectations

    • Market size

    • Project Management

And all others that you will need to make a decision and position your organization for the local opportunity.

Our company conducts these researches immediately a relationship is developed and the necessary MOU is signed.

Virtual Tradeshows

We match local chambers of commerce with business opportunities for their members through organizing virtual trade shows. This service is also extended to state and federal government agencies and ministries with the intention of providing opportunities for the business community in their domain/state and subsequently help increase Foreign Direct Investments(FDI).

Access Emerging Markets(AEM) has developed a wide network of business opportunities and potential investors all across North America and use these virtual trade shows to connect and create opportunities without the hassle of travel and its associated expense.